What is Visma doing in response to the latest updates on COVID-19?

Updated March 13th, 2020 at 3:15pm CET.

Visma takes the coronavirus very seriously and is doing everything we can as a company to protect our customers, partners and employees. We are closely monitoring the course of events and following the recommendations of the authorities.

We have also taken measures and updated internal guidelines to minimise the spread of infection as much as possible. For example:

  • Work travel for our employees is minimised and digital meetings are used instead, as often as possible.
  • Work travel to risk areas is not allowed.
  • Internal events and larger meetings that are not critical are delayed or replaced with digital meetings.
  • Employees who have returned from traveling in a high-risk area, or who have had contact with someone who is confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, are instructed to work from home for the next 14 days regardless of any signs of any symptoms.
  • In addition, all employees are kept up to date about the spread of infection and informed of the importance of good hand hygiene.

In cases where our customers have imposed restrictions that affect the ability to deliver our products and services, we must defer to their decisions.

Visma is taking a solution-oriented approach to ensure a secure and stable delivery going forward. If you as a customer have questions about any ongoing delivery from Visma, we recommend that you contact the Visma company you are a customer with directly.

Preventing the spread of infection in society is a task for all who live and work in that community. As a large company, Visma has routines, guidelines, plans and established groups to handle a possible crisis situation, no matter what it is.

This text is continually updated as needed.