Hassle-free payroll

Hassle-free payroll for small businesses

Visma.net Payroll Basic is an online payroll service designed to simplify processes for small businesses. Free yourself from payroll stress, so you can focus on business critical and strategically important tasks.

The key benefits of
Visma.net Payroll Basic

Secure and compliant governmental reporting

  • Accurate reporting to authorities
  • Correct and compliant tax filings and payments
  • Automated reporting

Timely and correct payroll

  • Pay employees correctly and timely
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements
  • Calculate payroll taxes automatically

Simple and cost effective processes

  • Eliminate deadline stress
  • Accurate payroll calculations
  • Efficient and cost effective processes

The key features of Visma.net
Payroll Basic

  • Easy to learn. Easy to use
  • Save time, save costs
  • Always timely, always transparent
  • Complete, correct and compliant
  • Priced for small business
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Mobile apps for travel, time and payroll
  • Support included

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Visma.net Payroll Basic for your business

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*Monthly price for a 12 month contract

Let Visma.net Payroll Basic improve your daily work

Business owner

  • Have control and a full overview of employee salaries and expenses
  • Work on the go with up-to-date information
  • Simplify internal processes for employees
  • Enjoy a cost and time efficient system

«Spend your time on business critical and strategically important tasks, not minor payroll issues that could be avoided.»


  • Register worked hours and travel expenses, request and report sick days
  • Find updated and relevant information on internal expense procedures
  • Ensure all travel claims are correct and up-to-date and worked hours compensated correctly

«Enjoy an easier way to manage time registration, travel expenses and interpret payslips.»