Visma Performit Player - Download server version

Performit Player Setup for servers and other environments administered by a system administrator.

Use this version when upgrades needs to be conducted manually by a system administrator. 


Download Visma Performit Player - Server Version
Note: Requires 64-bits version of Windows

Install directly (exe-file for Windows)
Download zip file 

(If you need 32-bits version, please send a request to


Installation guide

  • Performit Player should be installed on the machine/system/desktop where the user needs to open Visma Performit Guides. 
  • When installed, Performit Player will display guides when a how2-file or a link to a 
    how2-file is opened.
  • If windows ask whether the file should be opened or saved, 
    the user must choose Open.  
    (The best option is to choose to always open how2-files). 

Test if Visma Performit Player is installed

Performit Player is already installed if you are able to download and open this file with Performit Player.


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