Press releases 2009 - 2013

Press archive

21.10.2013 - Cloud services contributed to solid growth for Visma in Q3

20.08.2013 - Visma and InExchange create a new business network

14.08.2013 - Visma acquires Duetto Group and enters the Finnish debt collection market

06.11.2012 - Visma delivers a strong quarter and launches ground-breaking cloud services

10.09.2012 - is Visma’s complete business solution in the Cloud tailor-made for the future

10.07.2012 - Visma delivers strong profitable growth with solutions in the Cloud

14.06.2012 - Visma acquires DI Systemer and continues to build portfolio of products and services

17.04.2012 - Visma acquires Agda and takes a lead within payroll for Swedish companies

13.02.2012 - Visma with solid growth in 2011, as demand for cloud solutions rockets

13.10.2011 - Acquiring Passeli and Netvisor

26.07.2011 - Visma results for Q2 2011

05.07.2011 - Voluntary cash offer - 96,3% acceptance

09.06.2011 - Visma intends to make voluntary offer to acquire MAMUT

13.04.2011 - Visma continues the rapid growth and delivers solid figures in Q1 2011

17.03.2011 - Visma scales up its debt collection business by acquiring ABC Kredittstyring

07.02.2011 - Visma accelerates its growth rate further with record results in Q4 and 2010

16.12.2010 - New Swedish acquisition - Visma makes the public procurement processes electronic

15.12.2010 - Visma acquires Dutch software provider DBS

14.10.2010 − Visma surpasses NOK 1 billion in revenue during yet another record strong quarter

26.09.2010 − KKR to become new majority owner of Visma

23.08.2010 - Visma takes the lead within PSA software by acquiring Severa

12.07.2010 - Visma continues the positive trend delivering strong growth in Q2 2010

10.06.2010 - Visma further strengthens its Nordic position through acquisition of Sirius IT

08.06.2010 − New acquisition strengthens Visma's position within collecting

16.04.2010 - Further growth results in a good first quarter for Visma

22.02.2010 − Visma invests in solutions for procurement and tendering and acquires Swedish company

25.01.2010 - Visma delivers strong growth resulting in the best quarter and full year ever

07.12.2009 − Visma acquires nationwide Swedish retail service company

13.10.2009 - New record quarter - Visma continues to grow

24.08.2009 - Visma increases CRM initiative through collaboration with SuperOffice

24.08.2009 - Visma reports good results also in second quarter

16.06.2009 − Official opening of Visma's new headquarters in Oslo

21.04.2009 − Yet another record for Visma: Best quarter ever – despite recession

20.02.2009 - Visma outranks competitors on customer satisfaction

12.02.2009 - Visma acquires Teemuaho and becomes second largest accounting firm in Finland

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