Visma further strengthens its Nordic position through acquisition of Sirius IT 

Visma acquires the consultancy company Sirius IT, as part of its focus on the public sector and the retail industry.

With a total of 400 employees within development and project management, the acquisition adds increased resource capacity and additional IT expertise to Visma’s organization throughout the entire Nordic region. 

“We are proud to have Sirius IT on our team! Sirius IT has a strong position within the public sector, both related to state and local government. Thus, this acquisition complements our own focus within these segments. In addition Sirius IT has a strong position in the private sector, particularly within retail, which also is a large and important market for Visma. Especially in Sweden and Denmark this acquisition strengthens Visma’s presence further” says Øystein Moan, CEO of Visma. 

Sirius IT has approximately 150 employees in Denmark, 150 in Sweden as well as 100 in Norway. The subsidiaries in the three countries will continue as separate legal entities and deliver the same core services to the market. The management will continue as usual inn all three countries. Sirius IT is  expected to reach total revenues of close to DKK 520 million in 2010. 

Several larger customers

With access to 400 software developers, system architects and projects managers, this acquisition expands Visma’s capacity to handle the largest customers and complex project deliveries.

“Increased access to specialist expertise means greater opportunities to develop and deliver even more services to our larger customers. Sirius IT delivers, amongst other things, development projects, application management and consultancy services within self-service, automated workflow management and case processing solutions as well as system development and system integration. Their expertise within application management and project-oriented development will be valuable for many of Visma’s departments” says Øystein Moan. As an example he mentions the business areas for retail, procurement solutions, outsourcing of accounting and payroll as well as debt collection.
“Now that we are joining forces we can do more – in an even lager scale” he says.

Long time cooperation

“We are looking forward to becoming a part of Visma, which is an exciting and visionary corporation. We have already had a close cooperation with Visma in Sweden, where we together control a joint venture company. We are convinced that the already established cooperation will develop further and offer additional interesting opportunities going ahead” says Kim Winther Jensen, CEO of Sirius IT, about the change of ownership.

Fits Visma’s profile perfectly

Both Sirius IT and Visma have an overall objective to deliver solutions that contributes to increase the efficiency and strengthen the competitiveness of companies throughout the Nordic region.

”We are a Nordic company that focuses on delivering business critical and customer adapted solutions. In order to create greatest possible value for our customers utilizing our solutions, we emphasis the value of understanding the customers workflow processes which are supported as well as seeing the whole picture of the delivery from our customers’ point of view” says the CEO of Sirius IT.

”In all three countries we have broad and well-established customer portfolios consisting of both public and private companies, and  the financial results have been very satisfactory. Now we are looking forward to continue this development as a part of Visma. The strategy  will be a continued focus on developing the core customer base further in our different markets” says Kim Winther Jensen in conclusion.

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