is Visma’s complete business solution in the Cloud tailor-made for the future

Visma unveils the company's largest software investment ever. is the new and complete business solution from Visma, where all services are delivered online. It is the single biggest technology leap in decades.

This changes how businesses utilize software and services provided by Visma with significantly greater accessibility and flexibility for the users. To ensure stability and high speed, is developed especially for the Cloud.

"During the last decade, Visma has revolutionized work processes in several industries by connecting previously stand-alone verticals and breaking down corresponding barriers. This is done by increased integration and collaboration, with the development of new software and services, and has turned Visma into a leading European software company. Through, Visma continue its successful approach, now also online, by offering Nordic and European companies a complete business solution in the Cloud with access to everything they need in terms of functionality. At the same time, we leap into the future together with our customers, who will experience increased flexibility and convenience without large investments in IT infrastructure", says Øystein Moan, CEO of Visma. 

"We have had this vision for years. The initial work started in 2005. Now the solution is here, and although it is already unique, will keep growing in the months and years to come. This marks the beginning of a new reality for many Nordic and European companies that will benefit from the ability to work and access whatever information they need – everywhere – at all times", Moan adds.

User experience of tomorrowVisma started its development of Cloud solutions already in 2001, and following a significantly increased revenue stream from the company's diverse online-based solutions during the past years, the expectations related to as a complete Cloud solution are high.

"Visma has already moved several of the simpler processes to the Cloud. Now, that the technology and markets are mature, we leap ahead, offering a complete business solution in the Cloud. has the same speed and usability as stand-alone systems, without the need of powerful servers, backup procedures or expensive installations. Everything is stored in the Cloud; safely and effectively", says Øystein Moan.

Anywhere – at all times
The trend is clear. The demand for availability and collaboration concerning central processes in a company is increasing, while the gap between our work-life and private life is narrowing. The result is that many wish to carry out their work on the go or from home. In order to accommodate the new reality of tomorrow, Visma delivers the new business solution on all platforms and surfaces. For the individual user, this means freedom of choice with increased availability and flexibility, regardless of unit or operating system. is always available – across devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets – and everything is scalable, for easy adaptation to the number of users within an organization and the specific users' needs. The costs are predictable and follow a pay-as-you-go model, allowing for easy access, and offering several benefits from day one.

Tomorrow is here
"Without doubt, the greatest benefit will be the broad range of business functionality on offer within one solution. For us, this is exciting, because the integrated offering of Visma’s software and services in the Cloud will inevitably broaden the scope of opportunities among both existing and new customers. It will emphasize gains in efficiency and cost savings", says Øystein Moan in Visma, and adds;

"At the same time, it will become evident that the next wave within online solutions requires the ability to work across different areas of expertise within one solution. The users and companies will want to gather their needs and processes, in different areas, within one solution. For us in Visma, it is pleasing that our strategy to integrate and gather the processes across established verticals will make it easier to achieve this. In this perspective, is in the forefront on a global scale, as there are few others in the same position as Visma. Thus, it is exciting to follow the development in the years to come. Our mission is to make use of the technology, and our leading position within integrated Cloud services, in order to meet our customer’s needs so that they can achieve greater competitiveness by using, both today and tomorrow", Øystein Moan explains. satisfies the professional user's demand for functionality and the manager's demand for usability. With single sign-on, single point-of-data-entry and fast shortcuts, it is easier to navigate between the different services and screen shots.

Will grow rapidly
"What we now make available is a complete Cloud-based business application with a full set of functionality covering accounting, automatic remittance, electronic invoicing and CRM. Already in Q4 2012, electronic processing of invoices, travel and expense reimbursement and project management will be included in Already next year, we will offer an additional series of integrated software solutions and corresponding services that will create further value for our customers. In addition, we will also offer a complete logistics module, and this envisions how within a short time will grow and cover an increasing proportion of the needs of Norwegian, Nordic and European companies. 

"For many is the future. It represents a new tomorrow with greater flexibility and efficiency with more predictability and reduced total costs. The future is here now", Øystein Moan rounds off.

For more information, please contact:
Øystein Moan, CEO of Visma, +47 920 80 000

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