Visma becomes the leading business software provider in Finland after acquiring Passeli and Netvisor

Visma acquires the Finnish companies Passeli and Netvisor.

This makes Visma the number one provider of enterprise resource planning software to small and medium sized companies in Finland, and strengthens the company’s position as the largest ERP software supplier in the Nordics.

“For our Finnish presence, the significance of these acquisitions is equivalent to the ones of Mamut in Norway and SPCS in Sweden. Every fourth company in the country use a software product from Passeli, and Netvisor is Finland’s biggest provider of accounting systems delivered as software as a service”, says CEO of Visma, Øystein Moan.

The product portfolio of Passeli includes invoicing programs facilitating the routines of entrepreneurs as well as larger software configurations. Netvisor provides services for automation of financial administration routines. The solutions of Netvisor are only available as software as a service, as opposed to the conventional license-based method, and they complement Visma's already extensive range of internet-based software solutions for small and medium sized enterprises.

Efficiency experts

“We are very pleased with becoming part of the largest software company in the Nordics, and we believe that joining forces with Visma will provide interesting opportunities for our current and new customers. Visma’s strong market position and extensive customer base give us every reason to believe that our growth rate will now accelerate even further”, says Mika Taipale, CEO of both Passeli and Netvisor. 

Just like it is for Visma, the overall goal for Passeli and Netvisor is to deliver solutions that help Nordic businesses increase their efficiency and competitiveness.

“With our products, we enhance our customer’s businesses. Now we will continue this work as part of Visma”, remarks Mika Taipale, and is supplemented by Øystein Moan:
“Visma’s product portfolio combined with Passeli’s very strong brand and customer base will allow us to deliver significant new products and services to Finnish customers.”

Important Finnish market

“The core of our strategy is to give our customers different alternatives when choosing solutions for enhancing business processes. Our goal is to strengthen our market position in Finland through this acquisition and to deepen our efficiency expertise further. Visma now employs more than 750 people in Finland. The country is an important market for us, and we want to invest in it also in the future. Passeli and Netvisor are both well run companies with solid standings, and it is great to have them as a part of the Visma family in our continued commitment”, concludes Øystein Moan.


For more information, please contact:
Øystein Moan, CEO of Visma, +47 920 80 000
Mika Taipale, CEO of Passeli and Netvisor, +358 44 056 3966
Mikael Männik, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, Visma Group, +46 735 101220 

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