14.06.2012 - Visma acquires DI Systemer and continues to build portfolio of products and services to serve Norwegian small and medium-sized businesses

Visma has entered into an agreement to acquire DI Systemer AS. DI Systemer is a Trondheim-based ERP software company with 50 employees in offices in Trondheim and Oslo. DI offers an extensive product portfolio and has more than 2.000 customers.

 By this Visma adds a local software provider and their products to its existing portfolio of solutions tailored for the Norwegian market. The acquisition will add to an already strong R&D platform that will allow Visma to continue to develop leading edge products tailored to its local markets. The DI Systemer R&D team in Trondheim will be a competence centre for accounting office software products and be a solid complement to the Visma development team.

In the face of international competition, it is important that Visma, as a Norwegian and Nordic market leader continues the development of leading edge products tailored for local Nordic markets.

“Visma is very satisfied with the agreement. DI has almost 30 years of history, and are to be considered true accounting office ERP experts. Both the employees and their customers will now have full access to Visma’s extensive portfolio of various software and services”, says, Øystein Moan, CEO Visma. 

Efficiency experts
“We are very pleased becoming part of the leading software company in the Nordics, and we believe that joining forces with Visma will provide interesting opportunities for our current and new customers. Just like it is for Visma, the overall goal for DI Systemer is to deliver solutions that help businesses increase their efficiency and competitiveness, says Steinar Sletten, Managing Director of DI Systemer. 

For more information, please contact:                                                                     
Øystein Moan, CEO, Visma Group, +47 92 08 00 00
Steinar Sletten, Managing Director, DI Systemer, +47 90 97 74 41
Mikael Männik, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, Visma Group, +46 735 101220


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