14.08.2013 - Visma acquires Duetto Group and enters the Finnish debt collection market

Visma acquires the Finnish Duetto Group Oy, a company specialized in debt collection and legal services. The acquisition confirmed in early August, integrates Visma, a leading Nordic software and financial management company, stronger in the Finnish financial and debt collection market. Duetto Group Oy is now the 5th Visma company in Finland.

According to Duetto Group’s CEO Anna Johansén, the acquisition brings benefits for both companies.

– Visma’s competence within financial management, their strong market position and extensive customer base give us every reason to believe that our growth rate will accelerate even further and this give us a great starting point and possibility to extend Visma’s existing business areas in Finland. Our customers are now able to access the whole chain of business. We've been given a great opportunity to serve other Visma companies with our knowledge and services, Johansén says.

– This acquisition strengthens Visma’s position in the Finnish market and increases the competitiveness and ability to deliver even more services to existing and new customers, CEO of Visma, Øystein Moan says.

Visma now employs more than 800 people in Finland. The country is an important market for us, and we want to invest also in the future. Duetto Group is a good match, and it is great to have the company as part of the Visma family in our continued commitment, concludes Øystein Moan.

According to Johansén, Duetto Group’s expert services, gain new opportunities to grow due to the acquisition. 

– This acquisition was a natural step for us at this point. Visma has a good reputation, and co-operation with other Visma-companies enables synergies for all parties. As a part of Visma we can now offer several benefits and a wider range of expert services, Johansén says.

For more information, please contact:

  • Anna Johansén, CEO Duetto Group Oy, +358 40 722 3112
  • Eivind Gundersen, Division Director Visma Commerce Solutions, +47 93 21 76 77

Duetto Group Oy

Duetto Group offers services related to risk management in the credit trading business based on over 20 year experience. Duetto Group’s activities are based on being a forerunner in combining personal consultancy services and browser-based information technology for the benefit of its clients. The company’s very own Duetto® program guarantees not only flexible product development but also quick and reliable integration into the financial management programs of its clients. Duetto Group employs close ca. 50 experienced professionals and it is based in the city of Turku. Duetto Group’s estimated net revenue in the on-going financial year amounts to 3,6M€.


In Finland, Visma has five companies employing over 800 professionals and serving more than 50 000 customers. Visma Services Oy, Visma Passeli Oy, Visma Software Oy, Visma Solutions Oy and now Duetto Group Oy carry out Visma’s philosophy enabling customers’ success by business process integrations and automation.

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