New Swedish acquisition - Visma makes the public procurement processes electronic

Visma acquires the Swedish company Allego AB, one of Sweden's largest providers of information services and procurement systems.

After the acquisition, Visma offers electronic processing of all the steps in the public procurement process in Sweden, from tender advertisement and purchase to order and pay.

Visma acquires the companies Allego AB and Allego Upphandling AB.
- We are positioning ourselves to lead the way in the development of effective internet solutions for the procurement processes in the Swedish public sector, says Division Director of Visma Procurement & Collecting, Eivind Gundersen, and elaborates:

- The Swedish market for information services and tendering system services is currently fragmented, with many small suppliers. To fulfil the government's ambitions for electronic procurement processes in the public sector, investments and a larger customer base that can share the costs, are required. Through this acquisition, and several previous acquisitions, Visma contributes to the necessary consolidation of the industry, making it possible to develop and offer solutions for electronic processing at all stages of the value chain.

Pioneer within public procurement

Allego was established in 1994, when the Public Procurement Act (LOU) was introduced in Sweden. Today the company is a leading vendor. Allego’s revenues amount to about 25 million SEK. The services offered consist of information services, electronic procurement solutions, and the journal “AnbudsJournalen”. Allego employs about 30 people, and is located in the Swedish cities Falun and Stockholm.

- For nearly two decades we have been pioneers in our market, and developed services for both buyers and sellers. Visma has the market position and financial muscle Allego needs to expand and evolve the way we want. The acquisition generates new development opportunities for employees and customers, says Allego’s CEO and founder, Claes Aldurén.

New products already in 2011

Following the acquisition of Allego, Visma gets Sweden's widest portfolio of procurement solutions for the public sector, and the level of ambition for further development is strengthened.
- The development of smart solutions to support business processes between public sector and its suppliers is still in its infancy. We see considerable potential in this area, and we will continue to improve these services. Customers can expect several new product launches during 2011, says Eivind Gundersen.

- We are interested in making more acquisitions, and are actively reviewing other companies that fit Visma's strategy, Visma CEO Øystein Moan adds.


For more information, please contact:
Eivind Gundersen, Divisional Director of Visma Procurement & Collecting, + 47 932 17 677
Mikael Mannik, Director of M&A and Investor Relations in the Visma Group, + 46 735 101 220 

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