20.08.2013 - Visma and InExchange create a new business network

Visma makes an active cooperation agreement with the Swedish Internet company InExchange. Visma’s customers get access to a large and important business network, as part of this partnership.

InExchange is known for its e-invoicing services, but the company’s business network contains much more. The business network is a platform for a wide range of solutions that simplifies and increases the efficiency of the daily work in many companies.

Fast growing business network 

Visma enters the agreement as a part-owner and will integrate several of its business solutions with the InExchange’s network for automation of business communication. This will enable Visma’s customers to send and receive e-invoices and orders, and put to use several of InExchange’s other services.

Visma and InExchange create the biggest and fastest growing business network in the Nordic with more than 340 000 customers. The network is based on transparency in order to be able to share business information across companies, independent of size and business solution.

Increased competitiveness for our customers

– Our goal is to optimize our customer’s solutions. There are always processes that can be more efficient or automated. Hence, it was easy to make a partnership with InExchange. Their open platform along with innovative solutions will give our customers access to fast and secure business solutions. With this partnership we will increase our customer’s competitiveness and enable them to grow within their markets, CEO of Visma, Øystein Moan, says.  

– Visma was a natural business partner for us, as we share the same vision and strive for transparency and innovative solutions. InExchange supports over 400 different business solutions and with Visma’s large market share in all segments, they will play an important part for the success of our services, CEO of InExchange, Thordur Erlingsson, says.

About InExchange

InExchange started operations in April 2008 and the mission was to make the exchange of electronic business documents available to every company, regardless of size and technical knowhow.  In 2011 InExchange was appointed to one of Sweden’s fastest growing technology company. InExchange has approximately 40 employees and head office in Skövde. Its net revenue amounted to SEK 36 million in 2012. Read more on www.inexchange.com

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