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Visma Group expanding focus on Internet of Things (IoT) by acquiring Megaflex Oy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Visma Group has signed an agreement whereby the group has acquired majority of the shares in the Helsinki based company, Megaflex Oy. Megaflex is a provider of IoT cloud solutions for access and work time management, and is an innovator in the Finnish security industry.

“Being able to develop and deliver sustainable technology is crucial to be competitive in the future. Megaflex Oy has proven through its impressive success that the company has the right competence and strategies to remain an important player in the future. Internet of Things is of strategic importance for Visma and we see a big potential in Megaflex”, says Jan Ivar Borgersen, Division Director Visma Enterprise.

“We were at a point where we wanted to grow the business further and are now pleased to announce that we will become a part of such an ambitious company as Visma. The strategic fit between Megaflex and Visma gives an additional capacity to secure future growth, development and enhance the service offer to our customers”, says Juha Saari, CEO, Megaflex Oy.

“Megaflex is as an excellent and valuable addition to Visma’s current portfolio. It is a number of synergies between the companies and we are excited to create further value for our customers together. We welcome our new colleagues and customers to Visma“, Jan Ivar Borgersen continues.

The acquisition leads to a stronger focus in offering and ensure development of sustainable solutions nationally and internationally. Megaflex will continue to develop products and services to secure future sustainability.

About Megaflex Oy
Megaflex’s modern software and IoT solution makes managing properties easier. We develop our software all the time in order to match our customer’s needs in the best possible way. We are an organisation of professionals that provides our customers with an extensive network of expert companies, including administration and maintenance, software expertise and communication security. Our headquarter is in Helsinki, Finland. In Sweden the Megaflex solutions are provided by our subsidiary Nordic Security Softwares AB.

About Visma
Visma makes businesses more efficient, through offerings of software, commerce solutions, retail IT-solutions, and IT-related projects and consulting. Visma simplifies and digitized core business processes within the private and public sector. 500,000 customers in Northern Europe utilize Visma’s products and services, and an additional 300,000 use Visma as a hosting partner. The group has 5 500 employees and its net revenue amounted to 7 855 million in 2016.

For more information, please contact:
Jan Ivar Borgersen, Division Director Visma Enterprise, +47 90 54 87 45,

Juha Saari, CEO Megaflex Oy, +358 (0) 50 5810132,