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Visma acquires payroll specialist Kontek Lön

Mergers & Acquisitions

Visma acquires Kontek, a Swedish company that specialises in cloud-based solutions and services covering the entire payroll process.

The Kontek main office.

"Kontek is a forward-thinking company that we have been following for a while – highly specialised with customer focus in their DNA. They are exemplary in their efforts to digitalise payroll services, and a leader in delivering systems and services that support the entire payroll process," said Carola Lissel, Managing Director at Visma Software.

In addition to payroll systems, Kontek's product portfolio includes systems for time management, travel and expense, people management and HR. Through outsourcing, they also offer services covering all or part of the payroll management for companies.

"Visma's focus on helping businesses work more efficiently through automation is completely in line with what we stand for. Our offerings and company cultures have many similarities and form a good basis for us to continue developing as a company," said Maria Ericsson, Managing Director at Kontek.


For more information, please contact:
Carola Lissel, Managing Director Visma Software, +46 10-141 27 57,
Maria Ericsson, Managing Director Kontek, +46 372 - 89 021,

About Kontek:
Kontek is a specialist company that offers cloud-based products and services for the entire payroll process with the goal of streamlining, supporting and developing each individual customer, regardless of industry or business.