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Visma acquires Onestop Reporting: The future is all about data and analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions

Visma has acquired OneStop Reporting AS, supplier of cloud-based solutions for reporting, budgeting and analysis in Norway and Sweden. Their solutions support integration with several market-leading financial systems.

"Managing your business by looking in the rearview mirror is no longer sustainable. The future is all about analysis. With this acquisition, we allow companies to manage their business based on data and analysis rather than their gut feeling," said Erlend Sogn, CEO of Visma Software.

OneStop Reporting's cloud-based solutions have become the industry's preferred system, and the company's vision of being a driving force in digitising reporting, budgeting and analysis is a good fit with Visma's strategy. In the future, the goal is to offer customers good prediction tools utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning.

"We expect this business area to increase substantially. We see that most companies still use Excel Sheets for budgeting, and there is no doubt that companies that employ proper budgeting and reporting analytics tools will increase their competitiveness," said Jarle Roti, CEO of OneStop Reporting.

The reporting solution From OneStop reporting allows customers to tailor reports and immediately access relevant data. By using support features, data can be explored in-depth, and reports are easily shared. Their web-based budgeting solution makes it possible to design the budget model according to customers needs and record real-time budget data online.

Visma is well established within Business Intelligence and analysis in the Nordic region. Through Visma bWise, the IT company delivers Business Intelligence and analytics solutions to over 400 large companies in Norway and Sweden.

For more information, please contact:
Erlend Sogn, Managing Director, Visma Software AS, tlf. +47 450 02 406
Jarle Roti, Managing Director, OneStop Reporting AS, tlf. +47 913 84 199

About Onestop Reporting:
Since 2007, OneStop Reporting has developed solutions for reporting, budgeting, and analysis with headquarters in Oslo. The OneStop Reporting product suite has been available since 2009, and the company's mission is to provide the ultimate reporting, budgeting, and analytics solution for small, medium and large businesses. Their solutions have large market shares in both the SMB and accounting firms market. Subscription sales have grown by more than 100% year over year in recent years. For more information, visit