How is your personal data shared?

Within the Visma Group

As Visma consists of many different subsidiaries, it is important for us that we provide the best possible overall experience for you. In order to maintain an overview and insight, Visma may share your personal data across companies in the Visma Group.

Outside of the Visma Group

Visma may also share your personal data with external third parties in the following contexts:

Visma user communities
If you make a post, comment or similar on Visma user communities or other forums on Visma Sites, such information can be read and used by anyone with access to such forums. Visma is not responsible for any information you submit on such forums or Visma Sites.

Business partners
Visma may share your personal information with our partners in the event this is legitimate from a business perspective and according to applicable privacy legislation.

Public authorities
The police and other authorities may request access to personal information from Visma. In these cases, Visma will only provide the data if there is a court order etc. to do so.