Marketing and profiling

Legitimate interest

When you interact with Visma e.g. by visiting Visma web pages, downloading content, attending webinars, and as part of using Visma’s services, Visma will be processing your personal data based on legitimate interest. One of Visma's legitimate interests is the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes. 

Visma uses your personal data to provide relevant content to you through direct marketing on social media platforms and emails, webpages or in a Visma service, based on your preferences. The personal data processed are aggregated details about you such as IP address, interests (where you have clicked, etc.), username and device. This is done through technologies like cookies and is called profiling. Visma will also be able to combine this information with information about the customer relationship we may have with your company.

The purpose of the profiling is to deliver customized marketing to you, improve your user experience with our services / websites and deliver products that our customers are satisfied with. Visma's services are generally used as tools for work-related purposes, and your behaviour in these tools says little about your personal life. No sensitive data is processed. Your personal data is therefore processed from a business perspective in a way that we believe does not conflict with your freedoms and rights as an individual.

Visma uses email as a tool to communicate marketing, however only if you have consented in accordance with national marketing legislation (if needed). If you have consented, you will always have the possibility to opt out as described below, or when you receive an email containing marketing.

Right to opt-out of marketing communications

You have the right to opt out of receiving marketing communications from Visma and being subject to profiling. You can do this by either:

  1. Following the instructions for opt-out in the relevant marketing communication
  2. Changing preferences under the relevant edit account section if you have an account with Visma
  3. Contacting us via e-mail at
  4. Using the applicable subscription management tool

You will also always have the option to opt into/out of cookies on a particular web page, through our cookie banner.

Please note that even if you opt out from receiving marketing communications, you may still receive administrative communications from Visma, such as order confirmations and notifications necessary to manage your account or the services provided to Customers.