What personal data we process

The type of personal data that Visma process about you may be:

  •   Basic contact details such as name, address, telephone number and email.

  •   Demographic Information such as date of birth, age and gender

  •   Employment information such as employer, title, position including  preferences and interests in professional context

  •   Feedback, comments or questions about Visma or concerning our products and services

  •   Photos or video of you recorded at our premises

  •   Content you have uploaded such as photos and video

  •  Unique user information such as login ID, username, password and security questions

  •   Financial information such as credit card information

  •   Traffic information as provided by your web browser such as browser type, device, language and the address of the website from which you arrived and other traffic information such as IP address

  •   Clickstream behaviour and movement on Visma Sites and in our products and services

  •   Email behaviour such as which emails  from Visma you open when and how

  •   Other personal data contained in your profile that you have freely given away on third party social networks such as LinkedIn etc.

As data controller, Visma does not normally process sensitive personal data about you.