Why we process personal data about ...

Customer contacts and software users

To manage our Customer relations in general and to meet our Customer commitments, Visma needs information about you in your role as Customer contact person or user of a service. The purposes of processing this personal data are:

Buy and deliver

  • Execute sales and contract process to Customers
  • Process orders, invoicing, payments and other financial follow-up
  • Provide requested offers on products and services to Customers
  • Perform deliveries in accordance with agreements made with you or Customers

Support and improvements

  • Offer support to users of our products and services
  • Improve and develop the quality, functionality and user experience of our products, services and Visma Sites
  • Operate user communities to educate and enable interaction between users and Visma


  • Detect, mitigate and prevent security threats and perform maintenance and debugging
  • Prevent abuse of our products and services


  • Create interest profiles in order to promote relevant products and services

The legal ground for processing personal data according to the above-listed purposes in letter a) to i) is mainly because Visma has a legitimate interest in processing your personal data from a business perspective in a manner that we believe do not conflict with your privacy rights or freedoms. The legal ground for processing personal data according to the purpose listed in letter j) is your consent.


Visma process personal data about Leads for marketing purposes. In order to provide targeted and relevant content to potential Customers, Visma builds an interest profile based on your movement, choices and actions on Visma Sites as well as your response to marketing content per email. The legal grounds for such processing is mainly your consent.

You can read more about how we create such profiles, how you can adjust the profile as well as withdraw your consent in the sections below.


If you are a jobseeker, we process personal data in order to evaluate your potential to become a Visma employee. The legal grounds for such processing is your consent.


In order to monitor access to our premises, we process personal data about visitors. The processing is based on our legitimate interest to protect our business secrets, employees, premises and you as a visitor. You will be informed of your rights in this context when you register in our electronic visitor system.