Procurement and tendering services

Create and manage tenders and seize control of all company purchases with efficient and easy-to-use solutions. Reduce costs and save time with our hassle-free pooled procurement with pre-negotiated agreements and employee benefit programs.

Procurement in the public sector

Visma's solution for public procurers covers all the key tasks in the procurement process - from the moment a need arises to the payment for a product or service is received:

  • Create electronic contract notices
  • Suppliers answer directly within the application
  • Evaluate the tenders
  • Keep track of contract awards

Procurement tools for purchasers

Procurement notifications

Tender notifications

Keep up to date on the opportunities within your market. As a subscriber, you will receive filtered leads from the public sector directly in your email inbox.

Carry out the entire tender process within the solution. Get a detailed overview of the process and gather all available information in a single place:

  • Read the contract notices
  • Communicate with the procurer
  • Answer directly within the application
  • Easy and secure
  • Free of charge to leave tenders

Procurement management system

Visma Proceedo is a cloud-based solution that supports all aspects of your organization’s procurement: Manage supplier contracts, place and deploy orders, manage invoices and payments. Save both time and money while ensuring employee loyalty to existing supplier agreements.

Procurement system
Pre-negotiated deals

Procurement pooling

Choose from more than 40 pre-negotiated and discounted deals and achieve up to 70 % discount. Leave the monitoring of the market and negotiations to our experts and reap economy of scale advantages.

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