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Visma TendSign is Sweden's most widely used procurement system.
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Five reasons to use TendSign

Visma TendSign is Sweden's leading cloud service for digitised procurement and is now an absolutely crucial tool used by hundreds of state authorities, municipalities and county councils and a range of private companies.

TendSign makes it easy to create electronic enquiries and allow suppliers to ask questions or submit tenders digitally. TendSign supports the purchaser throughout the entire procurement process using a specified structure. Thus, TendSign helps you complete your tender without making any mistakes.

As a procurement officer, you work entirely digitally in structured documents that are easy to share with colleagues. As a supplier, you submit responses easily and securely online, without having to use paper. Mandatory requirements cannot be missed.

Visma TendSign is a tool for creating procurement procedures, accepting and evaluating tenders and concluding and visualising agreements. This tool covers the entire process, from requirement to agreement, with a number of add-on modules and support for the majority of evaluation models.

TendSign allows you to structure your work process. This tool gives you the opportunity to coordinate and document all activities, with full traceability.

TendSign digitises the entire tendering process. Forget receiving and stamping items received in the post – tenders are submitted by tenderers directly in the tool. With the right preparations, tenders can be opened and evaluated in just a few seconds.

The agreements catalogue makes agreements accessible to the business and visualises agreement officers, agreement terms and suppliers. Link the catalogue with your intranet and increase contract compliance.

TendSign makes it easy to cooperate – even with external parties – throughout the entire procurement procedure. TendSign visualizes who did what and when.


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TendSign offers more than just a procurement tool

TendSign Training courses

Training courses

Learn how to work efficiently in TendSign! Training courses for both new and experienced users are available on site or via the website.

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TendSign Webinars


Having trouble finding time for a whole-day TendSign course? Take part in one of our free webinars at a time to suit you.

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TendSign Consultants


Our consultants can help you with an effective reduction of your lead times and increasing the number of completed procurement procedures.

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