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Fully electronic response to procurement procedures with TendSign Anbud.
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TendSign Anbud for suppliers

Visma TendSign is the most commonly used procurement system in Sweden. Businesses and authorities create fully electronic procurement procedures here. Suppliers use the TendSign Anbud tool to respond easily and fully electronically to the procurement procedure.

TendSign Anbud is essentially completely free of charge to suppliers. If you decide over time that you would like to work on projects, work in consultation with others or transfer procurement procedures to a colleague, choose TendSign Anbud Plus instead.

Why use electronic tendering?

There are a number of advantages with submitting tenders in an electronic procurement system:

  • It is clear which questions are to be answered.

  • The system reacts if you fail to respond to any mandatory requirements.

  • The tender can be submitted right up until the final hour on the closing date for submissions.

  • DYou access the system online and can work from any location: all your details are saved.

  • Visma TendSign helps procurement officers to open and assess tenders, ensuring that you receive a faster response.

  • The entire procurement procedure is handled in a single location, allowing suppliers to keep track of the process more easily. You perform all steps and communicate with the procurement officer directly in the tool.

TendSign Light

  • Search for ads
  • Download procurement documents
  • Submit tenders electronically
  • Use TendSign support

TendSign Plus

208 SEK/mth
  • Search for ads
  • Download procurement documents
  • Submit tenders electronically
  • Use TendSign support
  • Several people can work on the same tender
  • Administer all users within the company 
  • Transfer tenders in progress to other users within the same organisation
  • Perform project planning with activities, reminders, bulk mailings, etc.
  • View signed agreements on your account

Do you want to know more about TendSign? Call us at +46 10 14 13 300 or send an email.

Visma Opic Upphandlingskoll

Don't miss out on business – we monitor the public sector for you

Visma Opic Upphandlingskoll offers a custom monitoring profile which always keeps you up to date on interesting public sector procurement procedures that are relevant to you.

Our extensive experience of creating good profiles with the right codes, search terms and regions ensures high quality and accuracy for you.

Find out more about Upphandlingskoll

Visma Opic Analys

Understand your market and be awarded more procurement procedures

Analysing your market, identifying contracts that are coming to an end and procurement procedures implemented previously will allow you to predict future purchasing needs and the anticipated competition.

Understand your industry as a whole, or take a closer look into individual procuring authorities or competitors. Clear dashboards give you fast and simple information and a head-start on your competitors.

Find out more about Opic Analys

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