It is different login information for each Visma Opic and Visma TendSign. There are two different tools and therefore requires different logins, and is due to the higher requirements for security in TendSign.

To read/download contract notice or create tenders on contracts awarded in TendSign it requires a bidder account created via www.tendsign.com. You register by clicking Log in and then Create free account.

The account will be blocked when trying to login with incorrect username and/or password more than three times. Contact support, tendsignsupport@visma.com, and we will reactivate your account.

  • Enable help texts by starting with "My Home"
  • Go to "Profile" and select "My Settings"
  • Tick the box "Show help text on each page"
  • Finish by clicking on "Save Settings"

If you want to cancel the tender process and not to submit an electronic tender launched in TendSign should this be handled electronically in TendSign.

  • Go to Tender Startpage
  • Click on Procurement in menue and click Refrain from submitting tender
  • Leave a brief comment to the purchaser of why you decline to submit tender
  • Click Decline - The information in the comment field is saved and tender status will be No tender and the event is logged in the Journal

If you take part of an inquiry or start an electronic tendering, you will be registered. This occurs because the purchaser has an obligation to keep a record to be able inform any additions, changes or information messages.

If you want to continue to have this information so follow the following steps during anbudstid: Start from My Startpage.

  • Touch Advertisments and select Current Advertisments
  • Click the drop down list near the top left of the text Select procuring unit
  • Click on the relevant authority/entity and identify the current procurement and click on it
  • Click on the tab Subscription and uncheck the box Subscribe

Follow the instructions below to rename or change references on a tender. Note that this can only be done as long as duedate not has past and the tender not sent!

  • Identify the tender
  • Go into the tender process
  • Go to the Plan phase and step Create tender
  • Change as desired, and click Next Step for the change to be saved

Click "Create tender". When you have created your tender and get to the step "Tender/Contract notice" you will see the structured documents and a blue strip with the name, Administrator description, status report. Under the heading "Name", press the file name and you will be able to work in the structured document. You will get headlines to the left of the page where you can click through all the headlines. All you should answer are marked in yellow.

  • Identify the tender
  • Go to the tender process
  • Go to the tender phase and step Contract Notice
  • Go into the structured document that you want to change and follow the headlines to the left

You and the contracting authority is the only one who sees your company name. This is to let you know that you have asked the question and to the contracting authority should know who asked it if they want to respond to you in private.

You can supplement the tender in two different ways depending on the prevailing conditions.

1. Supplement an already sent requests where the tender period has not yet expired.

Go into the tender process on the current tender and click on the "Tender" in the horizontal menu at the top edge, and then on the "Send bids" in the lower menu. Now click the "Resume tender". You can now enter the tender process during the step "Contract noticer" for editing the structured documents and stage "Attach Documents" to upload files.

Do not forget to send the tender by going to step "Send bids" and click "Submit tender".

2. Complete a sent tendering the tender period has expired
Responsible procurer first must enable the ability to upload documents if the tender period has expired. Go into the tender process on the current bids and go to phase "Supplement" and the step "Attach documents". Select "Attach document" and upload additional files. These are now available to the procurer.

When you are under the step "Contract noticre" then you have the text "Structured Documents" on the left side of the page. Above it, it says "Select parts to reply to", click on the text. This will take you to the page you can remove the checkmarks from the parts you not are interested in, or mark on you are interested in. Keep in mind that if you remove a tick from a part that you want to participate in, then the text that you have entered will disappear.

  • Go to My Home page, click Advertisments/current Advertisments
  • Select the Procuring unit
  • Click on the title of the procurement and then on the Create tender tab
  • Name your tender so that you can keep them apart
  • Click Next Step
  • You will get a warning that you have already created an Offer
  • Click OK

Option 1 - Printing a tender during tender process.
Go to the tender process for phase Tenders and step “Contract notice”. In the Report column, on the right you can generate a PDF report, which shows the last saved version of the structured document. The PDF file can be printed or for example be e-mailed to a colleague for review. If there are more than one structured document, you can print all of them by click on Print all documents. Please note that the PDF report has to be recreated when changes have been made in the structured document. If so, click on the the two arrows in a circle and remove the report, and then create a new one.

Option 2 - Printing an invitation to tender was sent.
Go into the tender process for phase Tenders and step Send tender. Click the Print tender PDF file and print or save it.

As long as the tender process is in ongoing, you can resume a sent tender. It is important to note that the tender must be sent again for it to reach the purchaser.

  • Identify the tender and enter the tendser process.
  • Go to the tender phase and step Send bid.
  • Click Resume tender.
  • Confirm the withdrawal of the tender.

Now the tender is resumed and it is possible to edit everything in the tender just like before it was sent. Do not forget to submit it again.

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