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Why Visma EasyCruit?

We have over 600 EasyCruit customers and have local expertise to understand your business environment.
We speak your language

EasyCruit is available in 40 languages.

Easy to use

You will be up and running in no time with low implementation costs. EasyCruit’s highly intuitive system design results in minimal training needs.

Save time and reduce cost

Recruit with agility; shorten time to hire through simplified workflows, job templates, automatic  e-mail responses and bulk processing of candidates.

Attract candidates through your integrated website, social media and job boards

Build a talent pool to fill current and future positions, to reduce time and save cost. Capitalise on your brand in all of your interactions with candidates.

Select the best candidates faster

Visma EasyCruit ranks candidates on your tailored application questions and scoring, including rd party test providers.

Peace of mind

your candidate and employee data is in safe hands with user access controls, and software as a service providing world class security controls and processes.

What our customers say

  • Handelsbanken

    Handelsbank logo image

    Implementing EasyCruit across such a large decentralised organisation with several HR departments and many users could have been a real challenge, but EasyCruit required minimal training due to how simple it is to use.

  • Nokas Security

    Nokas logo image

    We needed a system that was easy to use both for our recruiters and the candidates applying for a job in our company. Dealing with high volumes of candidates also made it necessary for us to have a system that had good solutions for screening and administration of received applications. EasyCruit helps us doing so.

  • ISA

    ISA logo image

    EasyCruit’s simplicity has empowered staff across all departments to manager their own recruitment Our administrators, who have varying technical levels, have all embraced Visma EasyCruit and been able to maximise its features after only an hour’s training. As a result of EasyCruit’s simplicity and extensive functionality, we are able to better work together as an organisation and secure quality students quickly.

  • Swedbank

    Swedben logo image

    We have been using EasyCruit for several years and one thing that really stands out with EasyCruit is their extraordinary customer service. We always get full support when we have new ideas or when we want to adjust something to align better with our processes. EasyCruit helps us recruiters and recruiting managers with a good candidate overview in all of our vacancies and gives us the opportunity to navigate between different projects and candidates to make sure we find the right person for the right position.

  • Aldes

    Aldes logo image

    Having evaluated around 15 options we chose EasyCruit because it was flexible and practical and perfectly suited to our HR practices

  • THOM Europe

    Thom logo image

    At Thom Europe, the store managers of our 600 points of sale are totally autonomous and accountable for their hiring. The HR department supervises this distribution of responsibilities, and ensures that the group objectives, HR policy, and labour regulations are adhered to. We found in EasyCruit a tool and a team that have grown into a real recruitment partner, who understands our industry, our expectations and needs and who work every day on improving their services to their users

  • International IDEA

    International IDEA logo

    We recruit employees globally, and EasyCruit has been a very useful and efficient recruitment tool for us. Easy and simple to use, it saves time that we would otherwise have to spend training hiring managers.