Facilitating diversity and inclusion

To achieve our diversity and inclusion goals, we are taking steps we believe will lead to a more dynamic, happy, and innovative company.

These fall under two categories: gender balance and inclusion.


Gender balance



Management groups and boards

There is always more we can do to improve gender balance in our company and in the technology industry as a whole. Our management teams set specific goals on gender balance, which leads to more dynamic discussions and more robust decision-making. This policy does not go in just one direction: it means increasing the share of females overall, but also increasing the share of males in traditionally female occupations.

Talent and trainee programs

One key way we can achieve gender balance is by focusing on programs where we are recruiting and developing talents. Making sure that we have gender balance in our development programmes, as well as in leadership trainings, will make the pool of talents more balanced when hiring and promoting people internally. We are applying these principles to our management trainee programme, summer internships, and other trainings.

Led from the top

A vital feeling shared by all people, inclusion in the sense that one is accepted for being oneself. It is highly correlated with well-being and the ability to perform and succeed at work. In our monthly Employee Engagement Survey, we ask employees several questions on topics such as Organisational Fit, Management Support and Freedom of Opinions. Leaders are then responsible for making sure their teams are thriving in an inclusive environment.

For a connected workplace

We take a a stand against bullying and discrimination. Our employees should experience a safe and trusting work environment where they feel comfortable raising concerns. Decisions regarding promotions or development opportunities are made on behavior-based standards such as performance, experience and level of goal achievement. In our Employee Engagement Survey, we have a question regarding discrimination. It is our goal to have a perfect score.