What do we mean by technology for a better society?



Technology to help us meet tomorrow’s health care challenges and give more people the option to live in their own home.



Technology that enables employees in the school and kindergarten system to spend more time with children and less time on administration.


Welfare and integration

Innovative solutions for better processes within the social welfare system and integration of refugees into society.


Finance management

The right technology to ensure good corporate governance that reduces risk, simplifies reporting, and benefits all of society.

Different types of welfare technology:

Technology for safety and health

There are people of all ages who are dependent on care. The elderly can benefit from technology such as security alarms and motion sensors in case they fall or get injured. Others can use welfare technology to measure, for example, their blood sugar and blood pressure at home. The results are automatically saved in the patient's medical record.

Technology for integrating refugees

In connection with the significant increase of refugees to Europe, important tasks concerning settlement and integration are becoming a challenge for many authorities. To make sure that we can assist refugee services to work, we must use technology that contributes to the structure and efficiency of the municipality's integration work—putting people first.

Technology for social contact

Preventing loneliness and keeping in touch with friends and family is an important part of life quality, especially in the digital age. Technology such as custom video communication solutions can help maintain the normal structure of everyday life, uphold social connection, and reduce loneliness.