School administration

Administration, resource management and documentation

Today’s administrative tasks can be challenging and time consuming.

With more than 3.5 million users of our school solutions, Visma is a market leader in Northern Europe. Our solutions contribute to a more efficient and flexible school administration, from kindergarten to higher education and adult learning.

Visma’s school solution is cloud based with a number of vantages:

  • Efficient and flexible school administration
  • Accessible anywhere, at any time
  • Intuitive and no training needed
  • Easy to add or remove users and functionality
  • No installation needed Easy to integrate with other IT-systems
  • Leaves more time for education, feedback and dialogue

Daycare administration

A daycare system that covers all the needs for modern daycare. The solution helps to facilitate collaboration with school, child welfare services, health services and other support functions.

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Primary education

A modern cloud solution for school administration that digitizes a number of processes related to the school day of teachers and students, and contributes to better collaboration between school and home.

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Secondary education

A cloud solution that digitizes school administration for high schools, giving more time to educational work, follow-up of students, and contributes to better dialogue and cooperation between school and home.

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