Learn about the new Visma sign-in page

We're continually making improvements to your Visma experience! Over the last few months, your Visma service has changed appearance to improve usability and speed.

Now it's time to improve the sign-in page. This change will not only encompass the sign-in box, but will also be the foundation for a single-sign-on for all of your Visma services going forward.

The page to sign in to your Visma solution will look a little different but still works the same way. 

What's the same

The steps to sign in haven't changed. You enter the same information you usually do, like your email address or username and password.
You use your account to sign in securely to the same Visma services as before.

Why the page changed

The new sign-in page:

  • Has a cleaner, simpler look.
  • More secure than ever before.
  • Is consistent across devices.

Where the change happened

You'll see the new sign-in page when you sign in to a Visma service on a browser, such as Chrome, regardless of device.

If you have questions

If you want to know more about the new sign-in page, contact us at support@visma.com