We analyse complex issues and develop special solutions for special needs

Input from many Maritime Authorities and organisations is the foundation of our maritime solutions. It is however our experience that most customers have special needs. We are used to cracking unique and complex issues. We know how to comply with high-end political changes and low-end practicalities aboard a vessel at sea. We advise both users and managers in changes of processes and tools.

We customise our standard solutions or make special developments from scratch. Together with your team, we analyse the specific situation and chose the right tool for the job.

We develop custom solutions for large public and private organisations every day. We manage both small and large development projects in whatever way our customers prefer; agile, waterfall or fixed price.

We always focus on achieving a close relationship with our customers and take pride in their success with our solutions.

Digital Frontrunner

Visma digitize the maritime world. We know the industry intimately and have vast experience in developing solid business solutions and products.