The secret of real market change lies in the access to data and the analytics capabilities of any stakeholder in the market.

In the maritime sector, where the accessibility of units increases every quarter, many companies have already accepted that the cost of access is lower than the benefits of being connected.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboard Overview

Business Intelligence and Analytics

With the maturing of new analytics technologies, the access to data becomes even more valuable. In combination with technologies like Internet of Things, the generation of data multiplies every week. This is also true for the transport sector, and indeed the maritime part of it.

We monitor ships, cargo, weather, fuel consumption, maintenance requirements on a minute-per-minute basis. With the right analytical tools, we can actually predict a lot of cost driving events before they occur.

Business intelligence and analytics assists shipowners as well as shipping companies in making wise decisions. BI tools enhance our understanding of internal cost drivers and increase insight on how cost structure impacts the profitability of the individual goods item.

Dashboard Overviews

The vast amount of data, must be sorted, organized and combined in order to be made useful. Dashboards assist the captain in his daily operation. They collect and display data on the next port on the route. Dashboards collects and display weather data, and assist route replanning.

With advanced analytics and route optimisation, we can assist your fuel cost reduction faster than the competitors, and by that increase your competitiveness at sea.

We hold deep knowledge on all kind of maritime data collection, and would be happy to assist you in increasing the business value of your data.

Digital Frontrunner

Visma digitize the maritime world. We know the industry intimately and have vast experience in developing solid business solutions and products.