Endorse, renew and issue ship certificates digitally. Share original certificates securely with Shipowners and copies with port states.

Technical ship data, owner data and data from previous issued certificate will be filled in automatically when renewing or endorsing a certificate. When a new certificate is issued for a ship, certificate templates are filtered by the type of ship.

Certificates are issued and signed digitally. They can be issued directly by the surveyor or after approval depending on working procedures. Certificates can be issued independently from surveys, e.g. insurance certificates or certificates issued as a consequence of Class survey.

Third country port states can check the validity of certificates on the website of the Maritime Authority. A watermarked copy of the certificate can be downloaded.

Follow the IMO Guidelines

Traditionally ships have been sailing with paper certificates as there were no global agreement on electronic certificates. Since the first launch of Visma Survey and eCert in June 2016, electronic certificates have been accepted by port state control all around the world.

Our digital solution have led the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to issue the guidelines for the use of electronic certificates, FAL.5/Circ.39. Visma Survey and eCert fully covers the requirements set out in these guidelines.

All Parties See the Same

As soon as a certificate is issued, it is available to all parties – for the shipowner in Maritime Window, for the Maritime Authority in eCert and for the surveyor in Visma Survey. The certificates are digitally blocked against fraud. The Shipowner has to log on and authenticate himself to access his certificates, reports and data.

The different parties see the certificates the same way in similar interfaces. All parties know when certificates have to be renewed because they see the same timeline. This eases communication significant across borders and user groups.

eCert system

Easy Access to Ship Data

Certificates and ships are easily found by searching for the ship name or identifying numbers; International Maritime Organization number (IMO), Official Number, Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI), Port letter and number (PLN printed on the boat) or Hull Identification Number (HIN).

The eCert platform contains not only certificates and documents, but all the technical data needed for defining ship types and certificate types. It integrates to existing Ship Register. The Maritime Authority can manually add or import ships and addressees in eCert regarding ships that are not in Ship Register.

All data and documents are safely stored either on premise or in a secured cloud solution.

Cost Saving Self Maintenance

Certificates are based on templates defining how the issued certificates look and which data fields are required. A certificate needs a facsimile signature of an official from the Maritime Authority. eCert handles the scanned and imported signature of the signer, and apply this to the issued certificate.

All ships have a ship type specified by their size, cargo or use. The ship type determines which certificates can be issued.

The Maritime Authority creates and maintains ship types and certificate templates in-house. This leads to greater independence of the IT supplier and can save costs. This maintenance can of course be out-sourced to Visma if needed.

Insurance Certificates

As an option eCert can also handle automatic receipt and storage of application for insurance certificates. eCert can perform automatic checks of information from application, which otherwise would be time consuming.

In the basic eCert solution, insurance certificates are issued manually with no automated processes.

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