Technological achievements have always changed market conditions. The new thing is how fast it is happening. Digital tools set new rules for how a market behaves. This is called disruption.

All maritime organizations need to assess the extent to which new technologies allow market change. Technology alone does not create real change. Fundamental change in a market only happens when the individual organisation understands why and how to change.

See the Opportunities

You can proactively analyse business, technology and market to predict new opportunities. This requires a lot of awareness about yourself as a business, your market and the development of consumer behaviour.

We facilitate demand-driven innovation and business transformation. We work with a framework tool that ensures a structured process. Together, we start with a broad analysis of your position before we identify strategic change opportunities.

Digital transformation process

Transformation Workshop

We offer you a foretaste of our digital transformation service. Start with a transformation day. It is a full-day workshop that liberates your innovative power.

The workshop releases your innovative potential and the outcome is documented in a catalogue of ideas. Based on the ideas we start your journey towards a digital strategy.

  • Presentation of digital transformation
  • External perspective on your business
  • Mapping of how you see yourself as a business
  • Strategic discussion across your organisation

Digital Frontrunner

Visma digitize the maritime world. We know the industry intimately and have vast experience in developing solid business solutions and products.