Maritime Authorities and Classification Societies gives the shipowners secure access to their own data, ship certificates and survey reports with Maritime Window. Keep all parties up to date with the same information.

If your organization is producing maritime data and documents, Maritime Window is an effective tool that saves time for all parties. Maritime Window is prepared to act as IMO’s Maritime Single Window and the European Window or to connect to these.

A Shipowner enters Maritime Window with authentication and a logon. He only has access to his own ship data, certificates and survey reports. The Shipowner can give access to e.g. port state control in order to save time being inspected.

Distributed Authenticated Access

Shipowner can give others access to his information. This could be an agent, a classification society, a port or crew member. The Shipowner decides whether the granted person should be able to provide further access. The Shipowner or the operator of the ship can of course delete access again if responsibility changes. If it is registered by the Maritime Authority that an owner has changed, then all previously granted accesses to Maritime Window are terminated automatically.

Shared Data and Documents

Maritime Window is isolated and secure but simultaneously able to share data and documents between authorities, Shipowner and ports.

Ship data is produced by Maritime Authority or Classification Society, given to the Shipowner and inspected in ports. It can be expiry date of a certificate, rectification deadline for a deficiency or technical data of the ship.

Documents are ship certificates and survey reports produced by Maritime Authority or Classification Society, given to the Shipowner and inspected in ports.

Time is saved as data and documents are at hand and no check of validity is needed – all information is up-to-date.

eCert system

Certifications Ashore

Surveys and certifications are performed ashore as well - e.g. at service stations, maritime schools or shipping companies. Owners of addressees are included in Maritime Window.

The main advantage for the issuer is the single set of data and one issued document. All parties save time and avoid mistakes from sending and receiving documents. Everybody is up-to-date with the same information.

Maritime Window meets the preliminary requirements of the Maritime Single Window of the IMO and the European Maritime Single Window of the EU. It is ready to meet the final requirements, when they are specified.

Visma has strong focus on providing the best IT solutions for the Maritime World. We keep Maritime Window and our other market leading solutions updated to meet all requirements of the industry.

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