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Visma Engage
powered by Qlearsite

We are proud to partner with the industry’s leading provider of employee engagement tools: Qlearsite. Offering you the possibility to take your employee engagement to the next level.

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Your employee surveys should make your business better,
if that is not the case we can help.

What makes Visma Engage unique?

Giving you the best support to allow you
to make the right strategic decisions

All the tools you need to make the right confident decisions
allowing your business to grow even stronger.


Allows managers
to lead

Detailed reporting giving you hands-on feedback to set the course and make change a priority.


Enable your

With dashboards that provide specific guidance on where to concentrate and take action.


The HR team can support change

The HR team will receive an analytics platform to help them look deeper into the data for ad-hoc analysis and assistance.


Consultancy expertise and support

We'll help you develop in-house skills to organize and run change management projects.

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