Comenius Talent Management Cloud

Why Comenius Talent Management Cloud?

Visma offers a complete and unified Talent Management solution encompassing all strategic HR processes related to attracting, developing and retaining top talent. Comenius Talent Management cloud solution helps your organization in continuously engage and develop your employees, allowing you to focus on the important things.

Comenius Recruiting

Identify, recruit and introduce talents


Find the right candidates and make smart recruitments

Enable a social, predictable and collaborative recruitment process

  • Identify the best candidates for the job with our patented recommendation engine
  • Engage candidates effectively and anywhere with social media tools and pre-configured links to job portals
  • Collaboration in private work environments allows for the recruitment team to discuss and evaluate candidates
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Comenius Learning

Engage and develop your employees


Intelligent Learning Management

Excellent in capacity and simple implementation

  • Provides collaboration areas and personal continuous training with mobile solutions where the employee is in focus
  • Improve sales and service partners' readiness for increased sales, customer satisfaction and reduced education costs
  • Streamline, track and improve the certification process with robust workflows, tracking and management features
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Comenius Performance

Give your employees the right tools and understanding of how they can contribute to organizational success


Customize, evaluate and advance employee performance

Release the potential in your organization daily

  • Simplify and improve development talks with real-time feedback for increased engagement and performance
  • Comenius Net Performance Score is user friendly and helps to identify and reward achievements
  • Provide team-based performance goals for better alignment between employees and organization
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Comenius Succession

Succession plan for the future, build your talent pool, increase competitiveness and retain your employees


Identify and develop your talents

Make sure that your employees are ready for tomorrow’s challenges

  • Help your employees maximize their potential with personal development plans and recommendations for career paths
  • Succession planning with the help of scoring systems, and gain insights into user friendly talent portals for evaluating the readiness of your employees
  • Keep the talent pool updated throughout the organization with replacements from existing workforce through crowdsourcing
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Comenius Compensation

Retain your talents and increase employee performance


Create a performance based culture

Keep your talents with personalized recommendation plans

  • Use big data and machine learning to identify the organization's biggest risks and challenges
  • Provide personal compensation plans for all employees to ensure you keep them motivated enough to stay
  • Reach business goals and increase the accuracy of budget calculations with tools and budget planning analysis
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Comenius Feedback and Engagement

Engage your employees and increase their performance skills


The Game Changer

Comenius Pulse 360 ​​enables real-time feedback from real-time employees so you can quickly identify and manage challenges that arise, and also showcase the business benefits that talent programs and investments give

  • Share employee feedback in real-time for immediate insight into employee life and identify challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • Establish and implement concrete action plans for addressing problem areas using Comenius integrated talent solution for enhanced talent programs
  • Evaluate the impact of your programs on employee performance and commitment, and link them to concrete organizational consequences
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Comenius Planning

Right talent in the right place


Manage organizational changes effectively

Allow for management and HR to lead seamless transitions

  • Monitor and analyze effectively your organization with aggregated data, visual hierarchies, statistics, and scenario planning
  • Avoid approximate guesses when planning for the future by developing parallel models for different scenarios that may arise in work life
  • Save time and resources in organizational mapping with automated production, in-depth views, and third party HR support
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