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Organizational Engagement

Pulse surveys

Take the pulse of your employees - Quick feedback on how they perceive themselves, management and the organization as a whole. Pulse surveys give employees a simple three-question survey.

A user-friendly widget in Comenius Talent Management Cloud offers employees a familiar way of using expression symbols to express how they perceive the company, management and their own efforts at every single moment.

Over time, these regular measurements of employee opinions and perceptions create a clear and growing image of the organization's health and commitment - at employees, management and organizational levels. If you need a more in-depth level, you can create your own in-depth surveys and distribute them to your target audience. Equally Pulse survey, real-time results are compiled for easy tracking and review.


Individual Performance

Comenius Net Performance Score

Comenius Net Performance Score is a query, performance-based analysis that expands Comenius's current Impression feature. It is based on and built according to the proven and popular NPS method. Colleagues can provide feedback directly to each other, giving you real-time insight into the performance of your employees from those closest to them.

Users rate their colleagues on a 10-point scale and provide quick notes, both positive and constructive. Constructive comments can only be seen by management while praise can be seen by everyone, creating a pleasant culture of appreciation and recognition. Feedback can be given by anyone, at any time.


Real-time insight in your organization

Dashboards and heatmaps

Results from Comenius Pulse surveys are collected and compiled in real-time and are displayed in easy-to-read, user friendly dashboards and heatmaps. Comenius Pulse 360 ​​dashboards quickly provide a bird's eye view of the organization's commitment. Heatmaps can then be used to quickly dig deeper into the aggregate data for team, department, region, etc.

Together, the Comenius Puls 360 dashboards and heatmaps provide you with the ability to gather metrics and data about the organization's real-time engagement, identify trends, and quickly diagnose areas that can be improved.

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