Coaching and performance

Link everyday performance to organisational goals

Inspire teams and individuals to excel at work – every single day

Put the spotlight on employees' contribution to the business by connecting their skills and everyday performance to business goals – and boost employee engagement and work motivation.

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Give your employees the right tools and understanding of how they can contribute to organizational success


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Plan for success with strategic goals

Set individual goals in combination with management goals and organizational strategy

Manage strategic goals from your smartphone or tablet

Gather your work force and reward high performers


Increase employee engagement and feedback

Advocate a culture of continuous coaching and feedback for increased performance

Identify achievements daily through social impressions and leaderboards

Smartphones and tablet access allows for employee engagement wherever they are


Reduce risks and demonstrate value-created activities

Facilitate and strengthen certification and compliance programs

Demonstrate employee success and improve programs with analysis, surveys and evaluations

Link and track educational initiatives directly to key figures with powerful reporting and analysis


Intelligent coaching and development

Machine learning proposes personal recommendations for courses, mentors and relevant content

Create performance-driven development plans for individuals and teams

Real-time collaboration tools to facilitate communication and management of teams


Facilitate appraisals

Customize appraisals with print assistant and compliance monitoring

Get a comprehensive understanding of your talents with 360 degree and social feedback

Use talent and reports together with portals to identify focus areas

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