Learning and development

Empower employees to lead their own career paths

Personalised learning paths to develop employees in their current and future roles

The skills and competence we acquire today comes with a shorter expiration date than ever. Consider how your people prefer to learn and offer flexible and individual learning experiences  when and where it suits them best.


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Engage your employees, increase their skills and maximize the positive impact on your organization


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Help your employees develop and succeed

Personal and relevant recommendations of experts, courses and training materials

Social groups link course material and employees with each other

Embedded web and video meetings allows for collaborations and coaching


Reach more course participants cost effectively

Combine traditional classroom-based courses with eLearning, virtual classrooms and pre-recorded materials

Rapid knowledge transfer and in-depth understanding through groups and discussions

Provide the required information, where needed, when needed on mobile devices


Reduce risks and demonstrate value-created activities

Facilitate and strengthen the certification and compliance programs

Demonstrate employee success and improve programs with analysis, surveys and evaluations

Link and track education initiatives directly to key figures with powerful reporting and analysis


Integrate and expand learning easily

Connect Workday, Salesforce or other systems with a simple drag and drop technique

Instant access to thousands of online courses


Keep the organization engaged and effective

Provide and follow up formal and informal education at global level

Support different groups with targeted offers, prices and curriculum

Increase engagement with groups, discussions, meetings and mobile access

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