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Experience-led recruitment and onboarding solutions

How do you pick the right talent?

Finding and attracting the best people for your organisation can be challenging. Keep the candidate experience at heart by offering recruitment and onboarding processes that are predictable, seamless and collaborative. Our recruitment and onboarding solutions are user-friendly, supports integrations and can easily be tailored to the needs of your organisation.


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Innovative machine learning technology

Use machine learning technology to find suitable internal and external candidates

Oversee social networks to find the right talent - active or passive

Easily compile your requirements for external job portals with pre-configured connections


Make smarter decision and collaborate to win top talent

Private, user friendly work environments allows the recruitment team to discuss and evaluate candidates

Comment and rate candidates to ensure collaboration during the interview process

Exclude subjectivity from the recruitment process by comparing potential employees through an n-box model


Win the best candidates and speed up the recruitment process

High resolution video interviews with recording and playback features

Access anytime, anywhere for mobile recruitment application

Streamlined selection process with customizable evaluations


Integrate and extend your reach 

Integrate with leading recruitment portals and screening services within a few minutes through the Recruiting Marketplace

Talent Sourcing opportunities through TalentBin, Monster, Broadbean and SimplyHired

Possibility of background check with HireRight

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