Succession and compensation

Establish a future-ready workforce


Recognise, nurture and encourage talent to take on greater responsibility


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Develop leaders through intelligent career planning

Enables your employees to map career paths that are in line with their expectations and aspirations

Provide employees access to impact assessments for prognosis of different career choices

Help employees reach their full potential with personal development plans and recommendations


Quickly get an overview of the competence in the organization

Identify skills gap and minimize the risk of key personnel disappearing

Prioritize efforts based on employee competence and the risk of key personnel disappearing

The talent pool offers evaluation and insight into how ready your employees are for the next step in their career


Find your most high performing employees and those with the highest potential

Allow your employees' impressions and experiences to assist in identifying outstanding achievements and high performance

Crowdsourcing and social analysis help you highlight the achievements that should be rewarded

Support for cooperation gives a better overview of high-performance employees within the organization


Develop employees for increased performance and readiness for the future

Identify candidates for key positions using competence models

Create individual evaluations with competence models

Encourage management and employees to create personal development plans


Manage succession and increase employee performance

Evaluate how talented and ready employees are for key positions using talent portals

The person responsible for the talent pool ensures that appropriate development activities are assigned to employees in key positions

Go from 9-box to n-box templates that allow side-by-side calibration and comparisons

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