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Challenge #1

Behind this year's first window is a classical optimization problem. When the number of cities grows, it gets exponentially more difficult to solve. Give it a try, either by finding the route yourself, or by implementing an efficient algorithm to solve the problem!

You are selling Visma software and need to visit 6 promising customers in cities b-g. You start from your home city a, and you also need to end in your home city a. 

From a city, you may only travel to the next one if it is connected with an edge/line. Each time you travel, you spend some time, equivalent to the number on the edge/line. You also don’t want to visit the same city twice.

Find the quickest way to visit all promising customers, while adhering to the above requirements.

Puzzle made by

Martin Willoch Olstad 
AI Developer, Visma Resolve

In Visma Resolve, we are passionate about solving complex optimization problems. If you want to learn more about how solving these problems helps us tackle crucial societal challenges, please reach out or read more at