Challenge #15

This is one of the most important aspects of software testing (green)

  1. This tool was originally designed to run end-to-end (E2E) tests on anything that runs in a browser - but is now one of the most popular front end testing tools
  2. When you have repetitive and tedious tasks you would like to avoid doing every day, you usually tend to ____ these tasks
  3. One of the most popular and most used test automation tool the last years, started in 2004
  4. Abbreviation of one of Visma's open source projects that extends Selenium Webdriver, created to make it easier to write and structure automated tests (tips; github VismaOpenSourceOrg)
  5. What is the the one thing a test engineer (or any engineer) can never stop doing? "Never stop ..."
  6. Possibly the slowest Web Element Locator
  7. Most memed and perhaps most loved / hated programming language









Puzzle made by

Mili Orucevic
Chief Software Quality Engineer

Mili is very passionate about software testing, engineering and leadership, and works on assisting and coaching teams to move towards modern software engineering practices, utilizing continuous delivery and adopting the devops mindset and culture. He leads the testing discipline, and co-organizes the testing guild meetups in Visma together with others, as well as the monthly Norwegian Test Forum outside Visma.

Fernando Peñasco
Quality Assurance Manager

Fernando is part of the Visma|Raet System team focused on providing tools and services to development teams, and participating on different projects and initiatives to improve the current processes in place. Passionate about software quality and test strategies, working in the Visma testing discipline as a Ninja and co-organizing the testing guild meetings as well as sharing knowledge and experience in external talks about quality assurance. Working together with development teams to define testing activities, coaching and proposing new tools and assisting teams to be onboarded on VCDM.