Challenge #17

Can you solve this puzzle?

In the Visma Basement there are 3 light switches; only one of them turns on the Christmas lights of a HUGE tree in the canteen. From the basement, you can't see the lights of the tree, and they make no sound. Your job is to find out which light switch operates the christmas tree lights, BUT you can only go check it once.

How do you figure out which switch is for the Christmas tree lights and ensure a great Christmas party?







Puzzle made by


Michael Sants,
Management Trainee

Data-Driven Marketing enthusiast from the Netherlands. Currently working on bridging the gap between quantitative and qualitative marketing by optimizing web page value for the Marketing & Brand Hub.

Pauliina Koskela,
Mangement Trainee

Background in accounting & economics. Currently working on a project for Visma Software to give a clear understanding on which segments of Visma Global customers are ready for migration to ERP. Climbing enthusiast.


Anders Blesvik Gandrud,
Management Trainee

Background in Artificial Intelligence and Optimization. Currently working on a user behavior project at Tripletex. My interests are photography, football (/Fantasy Premier League) and chess. 

Daniel Cohen,
Management Trainee

Currently working on updating the HR KPI dashboard with the people hub. Outside of work I am a podcast addict and obstacle course racer.