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Dark mode – soon in an app near you

The Visma Product Design team, working with Visma’s design language Nordic Cool, recently launched a new version of the design language; Nordic Cool 4. On top of the standard version, the team has now launched dark mode. What is dark mode? Most people have heard of this trend by now, and some of you may ...

The coronavirus: How cyber-attackers are taking advantage

How cyber-attackers are taking advantage of the current situation

As the world faces uncertainty in the current situation, there is one group seizing the moment: digital scoundrels. But how do they operate and what kind of cyber attacks can we anticipate during these times?

Girl working remotely

User research and usability testing -from a safe distance

Meeting the users face to face is always great because you get an impression of the person and the place, and it also makes it far easier to observe the users reactions and actions. But sometimes remote user research is the better option. It could be because of budgets, physical distances, the time you have ...