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Can a robot be sustainable?

18/02/2020 Read more

By making a robot or digital assistant do the most repetitive and boring tasks, companies can focus on more meaningful and value-adding work - benefiting both business and society. So, can the effect of a robot also support companies in being more sustainable?

business intelligence trends 2020

4 Business Intelligence Trends for 2020

12/02/2020 Read more

Being data-driven is no longer an ideal, it is an expectation for everyone that wants to succeed in today's business landscape. To help you become more data-driven, here are four of the most important BI trends for 2020. 

Mike Teunissen and Dylan Groenewegen playing "who is most likely" with Visma

A video guy’s blog: Content moment with Team Jumbo-Visma

06/02/2020 Read more

Why do we make content about our sponsorships? Get insights into how our video specialist works with Team Jumbo-Visma to create great content and get his best tips for video and photo production.