About the Terms of Service


One agreement

The Visma Terms of Service (TOS) is a single agreement for all our software products and services that fulfil the criteria for security and privacy described in these pages.

This gives many advantages:

  • One agreement for all products
    • The same terms apply for all products.
    • No more need to sign a different agreement for each product.
    • We will continue to add more products to the product search list, as they fulfil the criteria. 
  • "Back to back" compliance
    • Products need to qualify technically and operationally in order to be eligible for the TOS.
    • Embedded Data Processing Agreement, updated specifically for the GDPR.
    • Systems of transparency for the customer.

We have also taken steps to ensure that only customer contact persons receive the TOS, not individual end users, as this was sometimes the case before. From May 2018, end users of our software products will only receive a short "User Terms", which provides information about how data about them may be used when they use the software. The User Terms also contain a link to the Terms of Service.


Visma is a large software producer with a large product portfolio, with most products having its own agreement. Visma also grows  through mergers and acquisitions, which means that the number of software agreements continues to grow.

This situation is cumbersome for all parties, not least for the customer, who in many cases receive several different agreements even for an integrated product bundle.

Most software agreements are, by their nature, quite similar. For example, copyright, warranty and right of use are usually very similar in software agreements. Unfortunately, software agreements are also quite long, which meant that many of our customers received several long but quite similar agreements even for basic products. In some cases, single end users also received these long agreements, which are intended to be between our customer and Visma.

Further, cloud technology is increasingly adopted even in connection with traditional locally installed software. For example, a locally installed ERP system such as Visma Business may use online technology for purposes varying from making payments and receiving invoices to upgrading to a new version. Frequently, we also receive data from systems installed on the customers computer in order to provide support services.

This means that even many so called "on-premise" software products needs a data processing agreement:

With the introduction of the GDPR and its focus on data processing agreements, we decided it was time to introduce a single agreement for our products and services. 

We hope this will clarify and simplify things for our customers.

You may contact us from the contact page.