Privacy in Visma

Organisation and Visma Culture

The Visma group has an extensive framework for security and privacy. This includes policies, guidelines, a corporate Chief Information Security Officer, Data Protection Council (DPC) and Data Protection Officer (DPO). The responsibility for privacy work in Visma has been delegated to the DPO, an independent formal role described in the GDPR.


Security and Risk Assessments

Assessing privacy and security risk are part of all services lifecycle.


Visma's Roles

The GDPR defines two roles that are subject to different legal obligations; controller and processor.


How do we manage incidents

In the event of an incident our Privacy and Security Incident Response Team, including our Data Protection Officer, initiates the incident response procedure. The team and  its members are specialized in handling potential security and privacy incidents. The team and the Data Protection Officer work together with the persons responsible for the specific product and/or area of business. This enables Visma to respond quickly and appropriately to incidents, mitigate risk and ensures that the customer receives timely and relevant information.

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