Organsation and Privacy Culture

The Visma group has an extensive compliance framework to ensure security and privacy. This includes policies, guidelines, audits, a corporate Chief Information Security Officer, Data Protection Council (Council), Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Data Protection Managers. 

The responsibility to ensure that Visma acts according to applicable privacy legislation has been delegated to the DPO, an independent formal role described in the GDPR. The person appointed is a lawyer and Visma employee, and he is the main contact point for any data subject or customer in privacy matters. The DPO facilitates the privacy work in Visma. All strategic decisions regarding privacy are governed by the Council in order to ensure transparency and accountability.

All companies in Visma are subject to the framework and organisational requirements as outlined above. All companies are tied to a Data Protection Manager resource which continuously reports and co-operates with the DPO to solve everyday tasks. In addition, all companies reports to the Council on things like progress on mandatory privacy training, internal control, incidents and compliance with the corporate policies. The Council in turn reports to Visma group management and Visma’s owners.


All employees in Visma have confidentiality clauses included in their employment contracts, and go through a two- part basic e-learning course in privacy. The development teams (and other teams and employees) receive additional training and support tailored to their needs and requirements. Most teams have a dedicated Security Engineer, who receives additional training in security and privacy.

In addition a Data Protection Manager is also available for the teams. The Data Protection Manager, together with the Security Team, supports and guides the development teams through the internal certification process for security and privacy.

Read more about how Visma provide our customers with an overview of how we process their data on our transparency site:

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