Security Awareness and Communication

Security Awareness Programme

To create a strong security culture, we have created a Security Awareness Programme. Consisting of many initiatives, the programme has as its main objective to continuously educate and inspire our employees and spread the word about cyber threats and how to avoid them. This is something we’re passionate about because we firmly believe that our employees are part of a joint effort on the war on cyber crime.

We value transparency and openness when it comes to our communication because we believe that we are all facing the same common enemy. We have everything to gain from knowledge sharing and learning from each other in order to face the ever-growing threat of cyber crime.

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In Visma we have a team dedicated solely to security awareness and communication. This choice is based on our belief that knowledge about cyber security is something that is of concern to every single employee.

The Security Awareness Programme that we have developed is open to all departments and companies within the federation of companies which together constitute Visma. It consists of a network platform where both security specialists and marketing & communication specialists come together to learn about security related topics. In turn, they are better equipped to participate in educating the whole organisation, our clients and, in the long run, the world.