The Visma Software Terms of Service

The Visma Software Terms of Service (TOS) is the standard terms of service for numerous products and services from Visma. 

The TOS came about in 2018, when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) necessitated that Visma entered into new data processing agreements with all its customers. In anticipation of this, we formulated the data processing agreement in the TOS and entered the requirements from that into the then- version of the SSA (for instance with regards to purpose limitations). 

This ensured that our customer contract was GDPR- compliant when the GDPR came into effect, and indeed only products that fulfilled the requirements of the security programme were allowed to use the TOS as its contract.

This is still the case, and will always be the case.

The TOS confers many other advantages, particularly for the customer, because it is a single agreement for many different products. This means that instead of entering into one agreement per product or service, the TOS applies to all products that fulfil the requirements set forth in VASP or VCDM. 

This means that everything from your right of use to intellectual property clauses, and in particular the data processing agreement, are the same for all these products, and you can be sure that there is back- to- back compliance between the TOS and VASP/ VCDM, and also between all the products and services you use.

I.e. the TOS is not a stand- alone legal text, or a text that is compliant with the law but disconnected from technical and organisational security measures. The TOS is built on top of the Visma Application Security Programme, and only products that are compliant with the programme use it.