1.2. Fees

1.2.1. Fees for the Software are according to the at all times applicable price lists from Visma, as published online, in the Software or otherwise made available from Visma. (Certain Software may be offered free of charge.)

1.2.2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the price list or agreed in writing, all Fees are due in advance and are non-refundable. There is no refund for unused transactions, Users, Software or remaining days in Subscription Periods, unless the availability of the Software has been significantly restricted or reduced for reasons solely attributable to Visma. In such cases, Visma may at its discretion, and as the sole remedy for the Customer, offer a reasonable refund to the Customer for Fees accrued during the period of reduced availability.

1.2.3. Fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies and duties. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, Visma will add the applicable value added tax (VAT) to the invoice.

1.2.4. Visma reserves the right to change the Fees, including the fee-model, on 3 months’ notice according to 1.3.1 no more than two times per year for any individual Software, on  1 months’ notice where a subcontractor has increased its prices towards Visma, and to increase the prices annually to account for general price- and cost increases without notification. Annual price changes are effective from January 1st each year, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the price list or agreed in writing.

1.2.5. In the event of non-payment or late payment of the Fees by the Customer, Visma reserves the right to suspend the Customer’s access to the Software or restrict the Customer’s access to read-only c.f. 4.6.2, and charge penalty interest up to the maximum rate permitted by law. Unpaid invoices will be sent to collection. If the situation is not resolved within a reasonable time, Visma reserves the right to terminate the Customer’s right of use to the Software, c.f. 4.6.2.