1.1 Order

1.1.1. The Customer has ordered the Software from Visma through an Order. The Customer may order Software directly from a Visma company, from its webpages and web shops, from within certain Software, or through a Partner. (For a list of Visma companies, please see: https://www.visma.com/organisation/interactive-group-structure/.

1.1.2. These Terms of Service (TOS) are standard terms that govern the use of the Software. Please read the terms herein carefully. By placing an Order, by signing, clicking “I accept” or similar on any presentation of the TOS, inside the Software, web-shop, confirmation email or other order form, the Customer places a legally binding order with Visma. Only individuals with the necessary administrative and purchasing rights for the Customer may do so. If you do not agree with the TOS, or do not have the necessary authority from your company to place such an order, please do not use the Software, submit an Order for the Software, or accept or sign the TOS when presented with it, as doing so constitutes a binding legal action on behalf of your company. A legally binding agreement between your company and Visma will be entered into if and when Visma issues an Order Confirmation. For Trial Customers, a special procedure applies- please see 2.4. When ordering new Software, the Order Confirmation will amend the existing agreement to include the new Software.

1.1.3. The TOS governs a wide range of Software from Visma. The following information will appear on the Order Confirmation, depending on which Software the Customer has Ordered:

  1. The name of the Visma company with which the Customer is contracting.
  2. Which Software, including Users and Modules, the Customer has Ordered.
  3. Fees for the Software Ordered.
  4. Information about how the Customer can terminate its subscription to individual Software, and its customer relationship with Visma.
  5. Any additional terms and information that may apply, such as information about Software-specific status-pages, or as agreed between the Parties according to 1.1.4.

Items 1, 2 and 3 will also appear on the invoice.

1.1.4. Unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing between the Parties, the TOS and Order Confirmation (including any additional terms) constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and Visma regarding the Software. The purchase of other services from Visma or a Partner, such as for training, implementation or customisation, is not covered by the TOS.

1.1.5. Visma may change the TOS at its discretion in accordance with 1.3.1. The TOS will always include the date of the last update. (Please also see 5. Change log.) Certain changes in the TOS and/ or the Software, such as may be mandated by legislative changes, may require that the Customer re-accepts the TOS. Such changes will be notified minimum 30 days in advance in accordance with 1.3.2. If the Customer does not accept changes to the TOS, the Customer may terminate in accordance with 4.6.1, and request a pro-rated refund for any Fees paid in advance for the period after the termination date for the relevant Software. The latest version of the TOS is at all times available at https://www.visma.com/trust-centre/security/vasp-vcdm/terms-of-service/.